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Original music for "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" was composed by the Matt Eakle Band with additional music from a wide range of talented artists including Bonnie Raitt, David Grisman, Joe Craven, Matt Butler, and 30 others. Click any song to listen to it in it's entirety, or open the "Playlist" at the top right of the pop-out media player to browse all tracks, or just start at track #1 to play all. Enjoy.

Column Header
Artist's Photo Not Available    Danny Dolinger
    End Of The World
    Artist's web site: www.myspace.com/dannydolinger
Artist's Photo Not Available    Robert Hoyt
    Quittin' Time
    Artist's web site: Not available
Artist's Photo Not Available     Joanne Rand
    Never Alone
    Dream of Peace
    Defend Your Promised Land
    Artist's web site: www.joannerandmusic.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Kingfisher
    Spirit Calling Song
    Artist's web site: Not available.
Artist's Photo Not Available     Dana Lyons
    Turn of the Wrench
    Artist's web site: www.cowswithguns.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Clan Dyken
    The Little Guys
    Artist's web site: www.clandyken.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Alice DiMicele
    Make A Change
    Artist's web site: www.alicedimicele.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Rod Deal & The Ideals
    2 Million Acres
    Police State
    Artist's web site: www.myspace.com/roddealandtheideals
Artist's Photo Not Available     

Jim Page
 Fundamental Frenzy

Jim Page was named by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine as "One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History."  He's recorded 21 albums over the course of a 40-plus year career and written a mountain of songs.  His songs have been covered by The Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Michael Hedges, and Roy Bailey.

    Artist's web site: www.jimpage.net
Artist's Photo Not Available
Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie's superb musical craftsmanship and passion for the environment require no introductions. Her live performance of "Angel from Montgomery" (link not available) recorded at the Rally for Headwaters in 1996, is featured in the film. We're very grateful for her gracious participation and her enthusiasic and ongoing support. Thanks Bonnie.
    Artist's web site: www.bonnieraitt.com
Artist's Photo Not Available   Casey Neill
Casey Neill's career has always walked the line between lyrical song craft and ferocious electric live shows. He and his band "The Norway Rats" regularly delight audiences up and down the Pacific Coast and beyond. His song "Dancing on the Ruins" (link not available) is featured in the film.
    Artist's web site: www.caseyneill.org
Artist's Photo Not Available     Alicia Littletree
    Hold Your Head Up High
    Artist's web site: Not available
Artist's Photo Not Available     Darryl Cherney & Judi Bari
    The Board Of Forestry Song
    The FBI Stole My Fiddle (Judi-Bari)
    Artist's web site: www.darrylcherney.com and www.judibari.org
Artist's Photo Not Available     Darryl Cherney
    Earth First!
    The Ghosts Of Mississippi
    Artist's web site: www.darrylcherney.com
Artist's Photo Not Available    
Matt Eakle Band   
Original music for the film was composed by the Matt Eakle Band. Matt's extraordinary talent and unrivaled diversity as a flutist has been enjoyed by audiences since 1976. He's collaborated with the likes of Jerry Garcia, Paul Winter, David Grisman, Norton Buffalo and Paul McCandless to name but a few.
    Artist's web site: www.matteakle.com/
Artist's Photo Not Available     Matt Butler
and The Redwood Project  
    Artist's web site: www.everyoneorchestra.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Vince Delgado
    Drum Solo
    Artist's web site: www.vincedelgado.com
Artist's Photo Not Available  
Davis Grisman
For nearly half a century, mandolinist / composer / bandleader / producer David Grisman has been a guiding force in the evolving world of acoustic music. His musical range is wide and deep, embracing many styles, genres and traditions. His rendition of the classic traditional song "Shady Grove" (link not available) recorded live at a "tree-sit" is one of the songs featured in the film.
    Artist's web site: www.dawgnet.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Joe Craven
Hot Turkey     Bonaparte

Award winning creativity educator, Director of RiverTunes Music Camp and Co-Director of Wintergrass Youth Academy, Joe Craven's love of sharing music has put him alongside Jerry Garcia, workshop and lectures in Costa Rica and thousands of school kids in Scotland. From house concerts to major festivals-Joe's at home and loving every minute.

    Artist's web site: www.joecraven.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     Mary Fleming
    Moonlight Sonata
    Artist's web site: Not available
Artist's Photo Not Available     Gary Malkin
    Land Of The Grandfathers
    The Journey
    Artist's web site: www.garymalkin.com
Artist's Photo Not Available     U.S. Army Ceremonial Band:
    The Thunderer
    Artist's web site: www.usarmyband.com

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