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Gallery - Production Stills

All photos on this page - except #1 -are available in 1920x1080 hi-resolution by clicking the photo, then again.

Darryl Cherney and Mary Liz Thomson on break from copying archives outside of Fiske Video Studio in Mill Valley, CA.
The Entrance to Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley.
Mary Liz Thomson walks the halls of Skywalker Sound.
Three time Oscar Nominee Tom Myers working his magic at Skywalker Sound.
Sound Mixer Tom Myers works on Judi's voice at her 1996 famed Headwatesr Rally Speech.
Darryl Cherney, Mary Liz Thomson and Co-Executive Producer Sheila Laffey watch studiously during sound mix at Skywalker Sound.
Sound Mixer Marilyn McCoppen at Skywalker Sound.
Terri Eckton on sound effects at Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley.
Darryl Cherney, Mary Liz Thomson and Executive Producer Elyse Katz enjoying a moment at Skywalker Sound.
Co-Executive Producer Sheila Laffey at Skywalker Sound.
The Sound Mix Team: Terri Eckton (sound effects); Darryl Cherney and Mary Liz Thomson, Tom Myers (Sound Mixer), and Marilyn McCoppen (sound mix) as Judi Bari looks over us all.
Earth First! characters from the movie (L to R): Mickey Dulas, Darryl Cherney, Agnes Patak, Larry Evans, Mary Liz Thomson, photographer David Cross, & Mokai Blue.
Attorneys Tony Serra and Dennis Cunningham schmooze it up after the Skywalker screening. Seeds of Peace activist Jim Squatter far right.
Alicia Littletree (L), composer of closing anthem, Hold Your Head Up High, enjoys a moment with folksinger Lila Nelson (R) at the post Skywalker screening party.
Starhawk and Darryl Cherney at the Skywalker post screening party.
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